Check off the statements that best describe the various ways you dealt with your anger in the past week We want you to include low level anger such as annoyance, irritation, medium level feelings of anger and high levels of anger such as rage, fury or explosion. Check off as many of the statements as have applied to you during the past week.


____ I pretended it didn’t bother me when it really did bother me
____ I took a time-out
____ I was non verbally threatening, frightening or aggressive
____ I thought he/she was against me
____ I decided not to show I was angry
____ I decided it was his/her fault I that I got angry
____ I did some physical exercise
____ I tried to find something wrong with him/her
____ I thought that I was wrong for feeling angry
____ I thought how she/he was trying to make me seem wrong
____ I put her/him down verbally
____ I told him/her I was feeling angry
____ I got real quiet
____ I swore at him/her
____ I screamed at her/him
____ I told myself I was feeling angry at her/him
____ I told myself I shouldn’t be feeling angry
____ I told him/her that she/he made me feel angry
____ I verbally threatened to hit her/him
____ I thought of ways I could control my temper
____ I thought they wouldn’t like me if I got angry
____ I gave him/her the third degree
____ I bossed him/her around
____ I took a deep breath and tried to relax



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